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Northeast India, officially called North Eastern Region, NER is the eastern region of India. It comprises the adjoining Seven Sister States, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura. Covering about 7% of India's total area, and retraining vast ethnic and religious diversity within the seven states, they bear similarities in the economic, social and political fields. Secluded from the Outreach of India, concealed from the greater world by mountain ranges and ageless forests, the Northeast states are one of extensive natural and anthropological sanctuary. Sharing borders with Bhutan, Tibet, Myanmar, and Bangladesh, these faraway frontiers are a province of undefiled natural grandeur and fascination, and a collision zone of tribal cultures and traditions. So, opting for honeymoon packages for Northeast India would be excellent. Because, in this province of mystery, the glacial Himalayan rivers spill into Assam's extensive floodplains, faith moves mountains on the hazardous pilgrimage to Twang, rhinos graze in Kaziranga's swampy grasslands, the majestic and tallest cascade plunge from great heights of Meghalaya, and the former headhunters gradually abandon cannibalism and embrace modernity in their ancestral longhouses in Nagaland.

Northeast Honeymoon Packages

Are you getting hitched? On the first romantic gateway as newlyweds, ditch the crowd and high prices of the frequently opted places for spending your honeymoon in Northeast India. What could be the best option to celebrate the love, joy and the divine bond of two individuals? The tranquil realm of the misty mountains will bestow you the enchanting walks through the meadows and woods to savor candle-lit dinners prepared from the freshest produce, the luxurious quality couple spa therapies to exhilarating adventurous activities for times you'd want to quicken your pace. So, opting for Northeast India honeymoon packages would be an ideal way of adding a new spark in your marriage life.

Why Northeast Yatra?

With the excitement and rush of beginning a new life, planning a honeymoon and booking the best romantic destination is equally important. After all, this phase of your journey is noteworthy and needs to special, right? But amid these bustles, if planning a perfect honeymoon has slipped through your mind, then relax!

Don't worry! Northeast Yatra provides you exclusive honeymoon packages in Northeast India for your optimum romantic break. Since Northeast Yatra is one of the most trusted names and has been serving more than 1000 clients, we will be glad you serve you at your behest. So, enjoy the surreal honeymoon with your significant half with exclusive honeymoon packages northeast. As this golden phase is important and never returns, opt for the best honeymoon packages from Northeast Yatra and experience the ethereal blissfulness that will have an impact on your forthcoming future.

Check Best Honeymoon Destinations in North East India by Our Travel Guide

The mysterious, yet beautiful dreamlike Northeast has a lot to offer for honeymooners. We have prepared a list of best honeymoon destinations in North India, like Haflong, Shillong, Imphal, etc. These places are profusely blessed with God's beauty and grandeur.

In Northeast, wake up to the song of the birds; begin your day with a kiss of the morning sun rays on your cheeks, and the cool winds brushing your hair. Wake up to witness the panoramic lush greens, amid that watch the motion of wildflowers with that of the cool breeze. Listen to the rustling of the streams nearby and fall in love with the every drop of rains during afternoons to spice up the romance. Call: +91-9564356665 for North East India Honeymoon & Related Assistance

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